If you’ve been searching for truth and freedom (enlightenment) but have yet to feel like such an idea has been realized in your day to day, moment to moment experience, then in all likelihood a foundation of trust in the mystery that we call life is still deepening in you.

This trust in the mystery (the unknown) is an essential part of the spiritual search and is what will ultimately bring you to the edge of that existential cliff… where you’ll be beckoned to take the leap.

Explore this 3-session inquiry retreat where we'll dive head first into what it truly means to trust life and all that happens within it. We’ll also explore the origins of distrust and how we’ve masterfully created an illusory world of struggle and fear based on a fundamental assumption of lack and separation.

Here's what we'll cover over the course of these 3 sessions:

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Trusting The Mystery Retreat Recordings:

$37 USD for 3 x 1-hour sessions