You're at the journey's end.  You've seen it all.
Now you're ready for retirement...

You’ve been searching for this thing called freedom for a long time… longer than you can remember. Along the way you’ve experienced some transcendental highs and some nightmarish lows. Now you’re at a point where enough is enough. You’re tired of the search because in spite of what you’ve been told, you haven’t found that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Life is now a persistent annoyance constantly nagging at you to forge ahead and give it one last shot. You feel like you should just give up but you don’t want to give up on the possibility of freedom either…

  • In spite of how painful it is to search, you feel you MUST find a way to complete the process.
  • You’ve become disillusioned by all things ‘positive sounding’ and yet you know your negativity and pessimism isn’t the answer either.
  • At your core, you just want to be done with all of this insanity and suffering.

I know how this feels because 14 years ago I was in the same predicament.

My life was utter hell and I felt like there was no way to fix it…

... in fact I KNEW there was no way to fix it.

That knowing is what created the hellish nightmare that was my life. My entire sense of self was plagued with intense feelings of unworthiness and a core belief that I was incomplete on the most basic level. Over the course of 5 years I left no stone unturned in my search for wholeness.

In the end, freedom did come knocking on my door… just not in the way that I thought it was going to. In fact, what happened to me on that sunny day in April back in 2002 was not something that I could have ever chosen for myself… and that’s the whole point of why I’m talking here and why you’re still listening. The realization that engulfed me that day opened my eyes not only to ultimate reality but also to the unhelpful mechanics that fuel a seeker’s search for freedom.

I’m not a special person, I’m just someone who has woken up to their Buddha nature and wants to help those who are ready to do the same. I know this is possible for you because it happened to me - an ordinary joe who eats spaghetti and watches Netflix.

Everyone’s story is different but the good news is that the method is the same: acceptance followed by let-go. Meeting with me is simply an invitation to accept your circumstances without reservation and then let go of your identification with them completely. This is the tried and true method and is the ONLY method that actually leads to awakening.

When I first woke up, I began to hold Satsang (truth meetings) with seekers at my little place in Vancouver. After a couple of years I started to grow tired of the subtle role playing that often accompanied the setup. Eventually things came to an end there and I returned to chopping wood and carrying water. Over the years that followed I immersed myself into various life experiences (started a holistic magazine, worked as an extra in the movie business, became a truck driver and started a graphic design business).

Gradually my desire to pursue worldly interests fizzled away and I found myself back where I started… a self-realized guy with no purpose. During this period, life began to pull me back into the spiritual scene. Eventually I found myself helping spiritual seekers again only this time I noticed that something had changed. The way in which I was able to help them had shifted and I found it easier to communicate truth clearly.

It’s taken me 14 years to fully understand how to genuinely help those who are ready for the truth. If you feel you’re one of those people, then lets begin.

Here’s the gist of what working with me will be like…

First of all, grab your cup of coffee, beer, or herbal tea before we meet over online video. Play some Enya, Metallica, Deva Premal or Jimi Hendrix in the background. Nobody likes going into a meeting full of anxiety so anything that can help you to relax a bit more is never a bad thing.

Before you meet with me there will likely be a running storyline that’s shaping your overall experience. For this reason I like to spend the first few minutes in silence with you so that this storyline can die down a bit and the truth of the moment can come to the forefront of awareness. There’s often more that’s communicated between us in silence than there is through words but I do understand that the story you’re carrying will want to come though once and a while so that’s okay too. For this reason, keep a list of questions on hand that you’d like to cover during our session… maybe there’s only one that sticks out in particular. Whatever works.

The main focus however is not going to be on resolving your story but on recognizing what’s actually real here now. Trying to resolve your story is counter-productive because no story can be resolved. Why? Because stories are in place so that you can avoid encountering the whole truth… not so that you can someday find a solution to them.

This focus on what’s real is also what you’ll be taking away from our meeting(s) together. By becoming more and more aware of what’s actually real and what isn’t, the process of awakening will intensify.

"As perfect flow always knows and goes, I was directed to Kyle’s videos and books at a quintessential moment in my unfolding. My entire memory and sense of self had been unraveling from what feels like the very beginning of my life as I knew it, and I felt that I had come to a breaking point, which felt like pure and total annihilation. My deepest inner-fabric was on fire, and I was holding on for dear life to what felt like a singular crumbling stone on an undefended, dark cliff face. Something impersonal and unrelenting was consuming me like a virus and I felt ravaged and lost.

I booked four sessions with Kyle, and had no idea what to expect. What was granted to me was a stark grace, stillness and presence that felt like truth and innocence remembering itself within me. Kyle’s oneness is like breathing in an infusion of life and essence that seeps into the indefinable space as a flame of truth.

I did let go of that cliff face into the void, which is where I am. Kyle’s pure being was like map in consciousness for me, showing me that I had landed where I had always already been. I am truly and deeply grateful for the essence that is Kyle. I feel eternally blessed to have un-remembered myself to be remembered as the indescribable singular truth…that still point within.

Thank you, thank you, thank you."

— Chella Ferrow

"Dear Kyle, There was never a me, just the thought/feeling of me. There is only Presence-God-The Knowing, and everything appears in that. Among those appearances are a “body” and a “mind,” which are not really objects, but more like happenings, always in motion. Seeing them as objects enabled the identification with them. Who identified? Consciousness, I suppose, because there appears to have been a shift in consciousness, as if everything were turned inside out. There is still a “person” appearing in consciousness, a person who sometimes feels anger, or bodily discomfort, or lust, or even “me,” but that person is no longer the knower, but the known. It really is like watching a character in a movie, playing his role. Even so, the person seems far more quiet, sometimes like an empty vessel for Presence to shine through. I don’t know how this will play out for the person, but I’m not too concerned with it. All I know is, being “me” really sucked 🙂 Thank you, Kyle, for your wisdom and your guidance. It was a privilege and a beautiful experience. With love, Esteban"

— Esteban Delgado

"Working with Kyle is a gift. As he tends to suggest, much of his skill is of great value for those who have come to the end of seeking and being a seeker; those who have exhausted all the avenues and practices that were supposed to bring fruit but have only been exposed as empty games. Kyle is great at sweeping you into a corner where you can't get out, the ego can't hold onto its flag of identity. He'll leave you, if you allow him, with the glaring clarity that the center is empty. Brilliant stillness.

Thank you, Kyle."

— Nathan Briner

"I've had the opportunity of participating in two private sessions online with Kyle. Kyle is a clear Being who not only "knows" Truth but is Truth. It is what we all are searching for.

First thing that happens is he throws out "the searcher" who doesn't exist in the first place, and brings you back to Presence. My first session brought me into a place that feels like pure existence, or this is all that is happening or all that is... simply being.  The second session lit up a part of myself that was suffering, that needed to be seen and let go of all the while reminding me that there is no "me" to suffer in the first place. It is all about Being.

Although the second session might seem more intense it brought about more freedom.  Words are lacking to describe what actually goes on in a session with Kyle. Presence can take a willing individual where they can truly Be."

— Elise Klee

"I first became aware of Kyle when I saw the author photo for his book, The Method, 5 Inquiry Steps To Enlightenment. There seemed to be an instant recognition of him on some level and as I read his story I was touched by his humility and authenticity. As I listened to his videos and read several of his books I was elated to find out that he makes himself available to work one-on-one with those who have become disillusioned and are ready for truth. He radiates peace and speaks directly to the heart. If you're ready to step out of the illusion and would like guidance along the way, I highly recommend Kyle Hoobin."

— Tammy Taylor

"After becoming exhausted with books and mystical experiences using psychedelics, I felt like I could not make any more progress. I had read everything from Alan Watts and Eckhart Tolle to Jed Mckenna and Karl Renz. I have had more than 10 sessions with Kyle Hoobin over the course of one year and it has been the best investment I have made in my journey.  If you have read all the books and had all the mystical experiences like myself but still feel like you have not made any real progress then as the saying goes…

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

— Syed Hasan,

"Think of Kyle as a precise, non-distorting mirror. Regardless of the image you present, what you receive back is a refined image of the real YOU. The experience of seeing your Self may initially elicit frustration, anxiety, sadness, anger, joy, or transcendence. But regardless of transitory emotions, we all long for glimpses of the true Self and the promise of returning to the truth represented in the image. Working with Kyle is very highly recommended."

— Dr. R. Jay Hamer
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Licensed Psychologist and Psychotherapist, New York


You can work with me in a group environment and / or on a 1:1 basis by becoming a patron through Patreon HERE.

If you choose a Patreon tier that includes a monthly 1:1 session with me, I will send you the booking link afterward so that you can book your session. If you would like to book more than one 1:1 session with me per month, I recommend having at least one session with me first so that you have a better sense of what things are like before making your decision. If after that initial session you would still like to book more than one session per month, then we can create a custom session schedule that works best for both of us.

Please note:  I am not a therapist. What I offer in 1:1 sessions is an opportunity for you to meet yourself fully. These sessions are not a space where the personal story is entertained. If you are too attached to your personal story and believe that it still needs to be worked on, improved, solved, gotten rid of… etc., then perhaps 1:1 sessions with me are not right for you at this time. In short, I meet in truth, not in story. ❤️

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