Hello my friend, It’s been a while since I’ve posted to this blog! I’ve felt pulled in recent weeks to connect with you on a more frequent basis (hence the now daily live streams on Youtube), so I’m going to begin posting articles here regularly as well. You can stop by here every week to check out the new content and to chat with me through the comments section below each post. See you shortly!


    2 replies to "The Blogging Begins (Again)"

    • Linda Drucker

      Hi Kyle,
      Thanks a million for all you share. The peanut butter sandwich was so fun and amazing. I love when u say you’re gonna make a mental note. I died laughing when u said to buy a toaster at Costcos. The end of that video was priceless! You look soooo lost.
      Love, Linda

      • Kyle Hoobin

        Hey Linda! I’m happy you were able to catch the PB video and enjoyed it đŸ™‚ Yes, the toaster thing was drawn from real life – Just recently I gave in and finally bought one at Costco…takes 4 slices at once! hahahah

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