After interviewing several awakened teachers, I found that the common thread that connected them all was that each teacher’s unconscious search for freedom became a long and drawn out process (often taking decades) because they never understood what exactly was causing them to search in the first place. In most cases, it wasn’t until enough upheaval and/or struggle in their lives occurred that they fully reflected and acknowledged the root cause of their seeking (which resulted in freedom). The same could be said of how my own search unfolded, though the timeline was sped up due to the intensity of the suffering.

Naturally, I felt there had to be a more efficient way for people to get to the bottom of things rather than always having to grope through the dark in search of truth. After diving into this creative process, I found there to be a liberating recapitulative process that can be repeated by anyone who truly desires freedom from suffering and struggle in their lives.  The final result: a 4-week intensive inquriy process that brings the entire personal story into focus thereby helping to free you from your unconscious past while allowing you to step into a stabilized place of conscious awareness in your day to day, moment to moment experience of life. 



Find The

— Watch / listen to the week #1 video recording
— Provide the apparent proof of your mental / emotional imprisonment
— Track the path of fear throughout your day and observe how it influences and drives your actions.

Tools to be used: Workbook, Video


Mirror Your Truth

— Watch / listen to the week #2 video recording
— Dismantle identification with the body and mind through daily mirror work
— Observe the correlation between inner identification and outer identification

Tools to be used: Handheld Mirror, Workbook, Video


Write Your Day & Recap Your Life

— Watch / listen to the week #3 video recording
— Transmute the subject of experience into an object of experience for dis-identification
— Recapitulate (in writing) all key character-forming experiences of life and find their correlation to what’s been revealed in the last 3 weeks 

Tools to be used: Workbook, Video


Relive, Forgive, & Return To Innocense

— Define the overarching agreement that was made that enabled the creation of your character 
— Summarize the essence of the character you’ve created and what is needed to continue maintaining it
— Take part in week #4 De-Hypnosis Meeting to resolve all blockages identified during the previous 3 weeks

Tools to be used: Workbook, Handheld Mirror, De-Hypnosis Meeting



If you feel you’re ready to peel away the last remaining layers of fear and attachment to the illusory self, then this 4-week process has arrived at just the right time. With your commitment and totality, this program will walk you through the past that is still alive in you, influencing, filtering and dictating your day-to-day experience of life.

For one month, you’ll be turning your entire reality into an existential science experiment. Every day, every moment will be offered up to inquiry so that no stone is left unturned. Ultimately, by entering this process, you will be leaving behind the illusion that creates your dualistic inner life and outer life so that all you’re left with is the one indivisible life which has no opposite.

If you’re familiar with my work, then you know that I don’t create anything that isn’t practical or verifiable through your direct experience of life. This program is no exception; everything you’ll be guided towards over the next 4 weeks will have real and lasting effects on your life so long as you commit to being total with each step of the process. I’ve created this so that real transformation can take place for you, not so that you have another program to add to your long list of fleeting and inconsequential life experiences.

Join me on the greatest adventure there could ever be: the full departure from suffering and the total return to innocence (freedom).

This program takes place over the course of 4 consecutive weeks. Each week will be prompted with a recorded video from me highlighting what will be focused on and how to best go about implementing the assigned practice for that week. In the 4th week, after the insights and revelations of the previous 3 weeks, I will guide you through a group ‘De-Hypnosis’ hypnosis session so that the mind is given the opportunity to fully and finally let go of the false center without any interference from itself. You’ll be provided with a PDF workbook that you can use throughout each week as well.

The program has a financial commitment of $200. There is an add-on option of a private 1:1 De-Hypnosis session with me (instead of the group session) in the 4th week if more personalized support is preferred.



“As a spiritual seeker and psychotherapist over the past 50 years, I’ve taken many courses that promise to have a unique approach but have found they are basically a rehash of techniques available on the Internet for free. I can say without reservation that Kyle’s program is completely original and not like anything else out there.

After experiencing Kyle‘s course I would say that I was shifted to a new level after pretty much being stuck. I find I am able to be much more present, and when now infrequent thoughts do arise I am able to easily see their purpose is to create the illusory character I used to believe I was. Where once I would normally feel the sense that I was a separate person I now find just expansive space where that concept used to be. As another unexpected added bonus, I have found my tendencies to procrastinate and worry are basically gone.

Finally, it feels like this new way of being is just beginning, and that something has been ignited which is continuing to evolve on a daily basis. Re-watching the de-hypnosis session is contributing greatly to this ongoing process.

— Sharon Levinsky, LCSW

“Let me start with the impact from Kyle’s course. After intensely seeking for 30 years, what became clear to me is that there is nothing to seek for, and that the seeking itself had been my last distraction. Only freedom remains. This course has an approach truly unique, but perfect for contemporary times. The topper is Kyle’s full availablity during the course. 5 out of 5 stars.”

— Michael Kass


“Over the last few years, I feel like I’ve gotten better about being compassionate to myself, seeing my flaws, and being present with difficult emotions. Then my birth mother died, and it was like something was kicked out from underneath me. I didn’t know what was wrong, and why it felt like my life was crumbling. I started going to a grief group, and that helped me in a lot of ways. But it felt like there was a big hole, and it wasn’t getting better.

When Kyle offered his class, I decided to try it because I trust Kyle. Also, I figured that this hole would have to be resolved in order for me to move forward toward awakening. How would that be facilitated?

In the course of Kyle’s 4 week class, I followed the process. At the end, I had a good understanding of the flow of my egoic life. This helped me commit to the final part of the process. And after the final session, the hole felt filled over. I poke it every now and then to check it. Also, the terrible fear that I kept experiencing when noticing Oneness everywhere seems to be gone. I’m really grateful that I was able to take this class.

— Crystie S.

Arizona, USA


What Does Going Into The Dream World of ‘Me’ Have To Do With Waking Up Out of It?  

You can’t awaken to truth if you don’t know that you’re dreaming. Awakening is not just living consciously in the present moment, it’s the end of living as though anything else is possible. In fact, awakened people don’t even ‘stay’ in the present moment because they don’t stay in any moment; they have realized that they ARE the one and ONLY ‘moment’. Ultimately, staying conscious in the present moment as often as possible is a practice that can only be carried out in a dream by a dreamer. Only a dreamer has to wrestle with time to try and stay ‘awake’. This is why tasking the dreamer to reveal the mechanics of the dream (through this 4-week process for example) inevitably leads to the dissolution of the dreamer.  

Is The Dreamer, The Seeker, And The Personality
One And The Same?

Yes. The personality was born of a wound. It’s not a natural expression of who you are, it’s an attempt to conceal the natural expression of who you are. Your personality was put in place to protect you from an apparent danger that could never have really threatened the essence of who you really are. Never the less, it’s influence over your life has been almost absolute. The original pain that gave rise to the personality was enough to render you unconscious – to create an entire life based on a search for acceptance and completion; a search for wholeness. This search is what has created the dreamer and the dream. Your unconscious story began the moment this original pain was experienced. This is why this 4-week process is so powerful: by consistently placing the dreamer under a microscope every single day, you’ll come to realize that someone else has been living your life up until now; someone who has never known and will never know what it means to be free, at peace, and fulfilled.  

Why Do You Use ‘De-Hypnosis’ in Week #4?

Hypnosis is simply a tool that allows the mind to become laser focused and respond to suggestions much more easily while in a field of total trust. In fact, the ego itself is a form of cosmic hypnosis. When you first entered the world, your mind formed itself around the suggestions given to you from your environment; an environment that you had no choice but to completely trust in.  Thus, in week #4 I’ll be making use of the same tool that first created the hypnotic veil of ego so that I’m able to counteract its effects. The benefit of coming into the week #4 de-hypnosis session after having gone through the previous 3 weeks of inquiry is that you will have already become crystal clear on what it is that’s been keeping your search going and what’s no longer working for you. So, when the time comes for the de-hypnosis session, my suggestions to drop your search will make much more sense and will be easily accepted. 

Are You Guaranteeing Some Kind of Result From This Program?

This program has been designed to specifically target any unconsciousness that’s still coloring your perception of your-self and the world, nonetheless, “I can only show you the door, you have to walk through it.” Can you guarantee that you’ll commit yourself totally to this process over the next 4 weeks? This process is an invitation to step fully into freedom, it’s not a magic pill that removes your participation from the equation. Consider this program a unique opportunity that will take you through an unravelling process that isn’t normally experienced with this degree of guidance and support.

Isn’t This ‘Process’ Just Another Attempt to Find Future Fulfillment? 

Actually, this process is about highlighting and letting go of your constant need for future fulfillment. Every step you take in this process is a step back further into the unbounded freedom of what’s already here. A common error many seekers make is assuming that doing nothing will eradicate the search for freedom. Obviously, that approach doesn’t work because it’s still an approach; it still comes from a place that maintains an underlying current of hope in future salvation- even if it’s just the subtle effort of ‘doing nothing’. The most practical and efficient way to bring the search to an end is to first acknowledge that the search isn’t going anywhere until the root cause of it has been let go of. You then turn the search back in on itself to uncover its origins. Once the impetus for the search has been revealed, it becomes a matter of continuously acknowledging and challenging the core fear that claims you must keep searching otherwise you’d cease to exist (by testing the waters of non-existence). 

Some Teachers Say That I’m Already Free, So What’s The Point In Taking A Program Like This? 

Is that true in your own experience? Do you actually feel free? Is being told that you’re free enough to feel free permanently? You can’t awaken to true freedom unless you’re honest about your direct experience of life. When it comes to waking up, honesty is key. This program is not intended to parrot what you’ve already heard, it’s intended to take what you’ve understood intellectually (that freedom is here and now) and have you verify it unequivocally in your own experience. Beliefs and intellectual understanding after all, are just booby prizes if they don’t become fully realized through your direct experience of life. By entering this process, you’re making a statement to your beliefs that says “if freedom is truth, then prove it.”

(if not now, then when?)


About Kyle

In April of 2002, at the age of 20, I awakened to truth following a long battle with depression.  For the past 21 years, I’ve been integrating this awakening into my life through various life experiences (teaching, becoming a father, etc.).

I currently make myself available to those interested in freedom by offering individual and group meetings online, in-person retreats and workshops. I’ve also released several self-inquiry videos and published numerous books which are available on Amazon such as The Moment of Your Death, The Method, and the 60 Days of Awake series.


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