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    2 replies to "‘The Method’ Class – 5 Inquiry Steps to Enlightenment"

    • jack d sherman

      Dear Kyle-
      I am very grateful for your story, and the excellent teachings you put into the book— and a “method” to overcome the (now obvious for “me”) illusion of the contracted ego. I study physics for fun–and your teachings–especially at the end of the audio book–when you use our vision of light and how it takes time to process this into the various hells –so well-described by the questioners. Then we are stuck in some 1,000 episode Netflix series! Until the realization that we are dreaming begins to shine.
      I could go on and on here—but will say this—you are 100% right. the Universe slowly evolving—to pure consciousness. This is the meaning of my life. thank you, Jack S.

      • Kyle Hoobin

        Hey Jack ~ It’s my pleasure. Indeed – a 1000 episode series would have to be pretty damn engaging to earn a loyal audience… I suppose that’s ego in a nutshell! YESSS…. To total awareness of consciousness 🙂 My meaning too.

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