Hello my friend. You’ve likely come to this page looking to find out more about me and just what the heck my deal is. I will of course offer you a few details below but I first wanted to point out that this page is actually about you. You want to know if life can be trusted through this person called ‘Kyle’ and so the best way to do that is to read about his story and see if he sounds sincere enough through what he shares about himself. Fair enough. Have you noticed though? I could share the most emotionally captivating personal story and in the end, you’d still have to take my word for it. What this page really shows is the parameters you’ve set out to determine whether or not life can be trusted. Yikes, kind of feels like I have to navigate through a field of land mines now as I write this page… should I say this? Should I leave that out?… ah the heck with it.

Instead of me trying to figure out what your parameters might be and then write an autobiography accordingly, I’m just going to lay down the nuts and bolts.

Here they are:

•    I grew up in Ontario Canada
•    My full name is Kyle Hoobin (no middle name)
•    My childhood was fairly pleasant except that I felt I was a mistake
•    I became enlightened not long after I turned 20 when I could no longer stand being a mistake
•    I moved out to Vancouver BC when I was 21 and began holding satsang (truth) meetings with people
•    I became discontented with the traditional satsang setup and left the teacher role behind for 10 years
•    For those 10 years I was a truck driver, a magazine publisher, a movie extra and a graphic designer
•    In 2015 I returned to the spiritual scene and donned the teacher role again
•    For the past 3 years I’ve been writing books, meeting with people online and holding retreats
•    I enjoy helping other human beings realize that nothing is wrong
•    I like spaghetti, sex, dancing, chocolate, and long walks at night time
•    I have a wife and three little kids
•    Sometimes I pick my nose
•    I still live in Vancouver BC

If the above words have met some or all of your parameters, then you can book a free session with me here.